I firmly believe that Coach Steve helped me receive a starting salary $10-15k above what I would have received without his tireless work ethic and tutelage.
Patrick Girasole, Read Full Testimonial


He is someone who truly cares about the person
he is coaching and will honestly do anything in his ability to see them succeed.


I now ask and welcome the comments and suggestions from others. This has even helped my marriage!
Mark L. Miller, Read Full Testimonial


I wanted to send you a giant THANK YOU for such a seamless and exciting series of events in Buffalo. You were the ultimate host and I felt so taken care of at every turn.
Lisa Johnson, Read Full Testimonial


You have given us a gift beyond measure.
Bonnie Vitale, Read Full Testimonial


Coach Steve has worked with people as young as 4 and as old as 84. And no matter who you are, or what you do, you’ll find him to be innovative, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable.


With his help, I made a huge career change, but landed a job that fit my personality perfectly.
Georgia Whitney, Read Full Testimonial


You helped me with something that I really wanted and I can’t express how grateful I am.


He had great input in reconstructing my resume and had extensive knowledge of the company I was applying for.


Steve’s sincere passion to help youth, individuals, parents, families, athletes, teams, male/female executives, and organizations is second to none.
Dr. Denis Waitley, Read Full Testimonial


My staff is happier and I am having fun with my job instead of feeling like work is all stress and no joy. I feel like I am accomplishing my dreams.


…your imaginative presentation was the highlight of the open house.
Laurie Augustynek, Read Full Testimonial


His recommendations helped me through veterinary school interviews, through some hard times during veterinary school, and then ultimately through to my fulfilled goal of being a veterinarian.
Amanda Donovan, Read Full Testimonial


When you are “coached” by Steve Sullivan he gives you his 110%.  Whether it’s career discovery, increasing revenue at work site, mental toughness training for sports, or just plain stress and anxiety of  “LIFE”