By Dr. Denis Waitley. Presented by “Coach Steve” Sullivan (licensed facilitator)

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10 “Self” Guiding Principles to becoming a total winner

  1. Positive Self-Awareness:
    Winners know who they are, what they believe in, and what their role in the world is.
  2. Positive Self-Esteem:
    The feeling of our own self worth. Developing self-respect and developing self-worth is job #1 in life.
  3. Positive Self-Control:
    Life is a do-it-to-myself project – you are in control of your actions and reactions to life’s situations.
  4. Positive Self-Motivation:
    Winners dwell on their desires, not their limitations. Desire is the strong positive motivator that attracts, reaches, opens, directs, and encourages.
  5. Positive Self-Expectancy:
    We become what we think about most of the time. You may or may not get what you deserve in life, yet, you almost always get what you expect from life.
  6. Positive Self-Image:
    Your achievement level is consistent with your self-image. You can program your own self-image by imagining yourself as the person you want to become.
  7. Positive Self-Direction:
    Those who establish clearly defined goals are most successful because they know where they are going. Write down goals and work on them as if they have already been achieved.
  8. Positive Self-Discipline:
    You must practice simulation training; you must imagine and visualize what you want to be and take action.
  9. Positive Self-Dimension:
    Acquiring a positive self-dimension attitude requires looking beyond yourself for meaning in life.
    Visualize + Internalize = Realize.
  10. Positive Self-Projection:
    Turn challenges into opportunities and play to win!