I first met Coach Steve…begrudgingly. In 2007 I was a senior in high school and Coach wanted to meet the children of a longtime client and friend. What started as a favor to my Dad is still a favor to my Dad—however now it’s so I can build a stellar career and take care of my old man once he retires! Now in 2014, I’ve worked with Coach Steve for approximately 7 roller coaster years that has seen our relationship grow into more of a friendship than a coach, and a lifelong mentor that I will continue to work with for many years.

In our time together, I went from a dumbstruck high school senior, to graduating from the University of Oklahoma magna cum laude, with two degrees, and a passion for the unknown. Coach Steve helped me personally prepare for my study abroad in college and all of my subsequent international adventures. Our next challenge was helping me to get the most out of my internship at the United States Embassy in Rome, Italy. We parlayed this experience into numerous career-enhancing internships and graduate school. Coach Steve helped me realize my potential, stretch my network, and apply for jobs around the world. I now have my Masters degree from the London School of Economics, finishing at the top of my class and receiving the award for best dissertation in my program. Upon completion of grad school, Coach Steve helped me launch my career search  which found me accepting my current position as an Associate Consultant for Sendero Business Services in Dallas, TX.

Coach was invaluable in my career search. We strategized on how to source my network, follow up with networking contacts, and prepare for job interviews. I firmly believe that Coach Steve helped me receive a starting salary $10-15k above what I would have received without his tireless work ethic and tutelage. It was far from easy—numerous times Coach forced me out of my comfort zone and into seemingly awkward situations which always turned out for the best. I would be stubborn and push back, but in the end we stuck to a familiar script—fruitful discussion, debate, TRUST, and a better outcome.

Coach Steve truly cares about his clients and works around the clock, always shifting his ever-full Outlook calendar to cater to his clients needs. We’ve explored the depths of my personality, my work style, and worked to develop my leadership skills. The overarching themes I’ve learned from Coach Steve have become integral parts of my character—hard work, honesty, compassion for others and basic civility in the sometimes ruthless world of personal relationships and business. I stick by Coach’s motto of “do the task, do it well, and then some” and have adopted this mantra as my own.

I continue to have the utmost respect for Coach Steve and hope to one day return the many favors he has done for me. I would recommend Coach’s tutelage to any of my friends and contacts, from all walks and stages of life—from adolescent development to executive focus.  I hope to continue our longstanding friendship for many years to come and know that Coach always has my best interests at heart. I can trust him with anything and hold him and his work in the highest regard!

– Patrick Girasole