Our 5 Theme Approach


Is the Core Principle that Drives Champions to Accomplish Great Things! Theresa Amabile, who I have met, from Harvard’s Business School says, that “Motivation is the Essential Building Block for Inspiring stakeholders to DRIVE Creativity & Innovation.”
Is where ideas, trust, teamwork, climate and courage meet. “Coach Steve” Sullivan.
Taking the time to listen and truly understand what the other person is trying to say…and not trying to be the smartest person in the room…is Job One in Life, Family, Sports and Work! Everyone is Different and we Must Learn to Respect Those Differences.
Vision & Mission are not important…They are Critical…When you believe in your mission and vision and they are centered around principles that are character based…You will create a more positive climate & culture that will encourage Stakeholders & Customers to be engaged, follow, take Mindful Risks and be Proactive.
When one is relaxed and at peace…Dreaming and Believing Big…You Can Change the World…One Person at a Time! ImagYnation is a Core Driver to 1-4 above.


First of all, we don’t have just one approach; we have several approaches, which are customized for each client and their specific situation.

We pride ourselves in creating and designing what we believe is the most important part in a potential engagement and that is to ask a series of “quintessential questions” to ensure that we do not prescribe a strategy before fully understanding and diagnosing the challenge(s).

We call this “root cause” analysis problem solving. We typically use a case study format that has a combination of “snapshot views” (which are targeted and specific questions). Next, we take a more “panoramic” view (which allows us the opportunity to look at the challenge in a very broad view) before we interactively get more specific.

– “Coach Steve” Sullivan & Our Paradigm Shift Team