Challenging the current process while promoting individuals that have an “X factor” attitude with 3 fundamental principles.




Career Transformation

Whether it be the economy, a poor culture fit or just the right time to rediscover your true passions, we can help.

Recruit for Athletes & Coaches Through ImagYne Sports Division

We create highly successful videos and full media marketing for athletes and coaches in the world of sports.

Recruiting For Entrepreneurs And/Or Fortune 100 Companies

We customize presentations (the way you present yourself in an interview) to ensure that your unique skills, talents, knowledge and expertise are appropriately delivered in the right way to the right people for the right reasons for the right job.

Interview Skills Training

How to absolutely separate yourself from your competitors while simultaneously uniquely promoting yourself to ensure an ideal culture fit.

Resume Writing

We will help you customize a resume that will promote your strengths and inspire prospects to contact you.

Cover Letters

We will help you tune into your prospects desires and needs in a very professional format.

Motive8 Inc. Wants You To Encourage Our Champions To Have A Contrarian Mindset*.

*Opposing or rejecting popular opinion; going against current practice.

“To further explain our contrarian attitude or perspective, it is not just about being stubborn or fixed. It is much more about challenging habits and procedures to see if there’s even better ways to get things done. It is much more about challenging habits and shifting your current business paradigms. We will work with you to separate your brand from your competitors. Everything is tied to continuous improvement models that foster innovation and creating a highly imaginative business strategy.”

“If we always do what we have always done, we will always get, what we have always got.”

Zig Ziglar


Keep paradigm shift. “Paradigm” is each person’s individualized filter. This human filter is different for everyone; even though we see the same event, our internal filters could have a much different interpretation. This is important because B.L.M “Be like me” is a myth in business, life, sports and families. Everyone has a different Levy size, weight, height and measurements. In other words, we all have a different DNA. Good leaders should adapt to their teammates, not create robots.