What was I like before I met Coach Steve Sullivan?  Before I meet Coach Steve Sullivan I was VERY COMFORTABLE, unchallenged and COASTING, this cost me a very nice job.  I let my career slide and got busy with the activities of the day.  As I let it slide I was not learning much more knowledge than the minimum required, I also did not learn any new business vocabulary.  My career was set to auto pilot and I didn’t even know the waters ahead were full of danger!  When I meet Coach Steve I was out of work for 6 months and needed his expertise and guidance!  Coach has been helping me to identify my gifts and talents in order to find my next ultimate next career.

I had bought into the “Do it Yourself Model.”  I have learned much about being INTERDEPENDANT!  We all need each other.  I now ask and welcome the comments and suggestions from others.  This has even helped my marriage!  I used to “stiff arm” my wife when she would offer a suggestion.  Now I am much more open to her suggestions and can be heard saying things like: Let’s give your idea a try.  If my way doesn’t work let me try your way.  I like that idea, let’s do it.  No one person needs to go it alone!  I have learned to VALUE the input from others and I am much better at asking for advice from those I work with and live with.

I have had a “BACK TO ZERO” experience with Coach Steve.  We are keeping all the good stuff, deleting old bad habits and rewriting the disk with valuable new skill sets.  I have been reading several books; have done many PowerPoint presentations on what I’ve read.  I have learned about leadership.  Learned more about my own self-leadership style.   I am learning how to be a good networker.  I am participating in a weekly “Leadership Forum”; I am learning effective Presentation Skills, Personal Skills, and Leadership Skills.

My wife has written Coach a testimonial before I have.  She calls Coach the TRANSFORMER!  I currently have a 23 yard dash introduction.  It is a great way to introduce myself to others in a polite, insightful method that allows open dialog with others.  If they want more info about me they can ask.  I have been learning about my decision making process, how to form and work with a high performing team.  I have also learned about my personality type and how to read other’s types.  I am an ISTJ, knowing this allows me to be aware of other’s needs, and how to sink my teeth into my next ultimate career!

I am currently attending a 4 hour class every Saturday morning (for the next 17 weeks) on Computer Essentials 101 & 102.  This will help me be prepared to be certified in computer repair.  I fully embrace continual learning.  Coach has taught me that I need to get out of the Kitchen in order to catch fish!  I am learning how to “honk my own horn.” I am goal oriented and goal driven.  I love finishing things!  Goal setting help me stay focused! I am learning about being an Insightful, Servant Leader.  . I have learned about doing the job and then some.

I am now fully and very happily employed in a full time position that utitilizes ALL of my Gifts and Talents and I just want to say!!

Thank You So Much!!!  “Coach Steve” Sullivan

A Very Happy Customer!

– Mark Miller