I met Coach Steve in 1990! I ran a small fresh produce store in Getzville, N.Y. I knew right away he would be a great customer and friend. His smile and mannerisms were unshakeable. I closed my store in 1996 and we lost touch.

Fast forward 2012 Lacrosse field Williamsville North. I see a familiar man watching a game intently for one of his student/clients. What I didn’t know then…..that I know now, is that when you are “coached” by Steve Sullivan he gives you his 110%. Whether it’s career discovery, increasing revenue at work site, mental toughness training for sports, or just plain stress and anxiety of “LIFE”. Coach has answers.

I am honored and humbled to be coached by Steve. In a short few months my life has changed drastically. More empowered and confident as a co-worker, wife, and mother.

I would refer Coach Steve with all my heart to any family or individual that has any stumbling blocks in front of them. He has the “tools” to crush them and get you through to the other side!

Laura J. Rupp