I met Coach Steve one day when he walked through the door of my retail store. For some unknown reason, the moment we began to talk and he gave me a quick overview of what he does as a Coach; I became immediately in tuned to him. Kind of like a spirit was tapping me on the shoulder and saying-“Hey, pay attention here, this is important.” My son was the first thing to pop in my head as someone who needed Coach to work with and help overcome some things in his life.

What started out as a discussion about helping my son, soon morphed into an entire family affair. Four children, mom and dad all began our journey with Coach.

In my first one-on-one meeting with Coach, I was energized and taken by surprise at his different approach to discussing what I wanted to learn. Easel pad sheets and every color of the rainbow in markers were there for me to draw and write out my ambitions. He asked me to think of 4 things I wanted to learn from him. I soon learned that Coach had my best interests at heart and he put his heart and soul into me and my family. When Coach says, “I have your back”, he means it. I’ve never met someone so dedicated to his passion for helping than Coach. He tirelessly kept his focus on all of us and never once did I feel like he dropped the ball. He kept us on our toes and focused the entire time.

Coach pushed me to believe in myself and showed me what I was capable of. His never ending positive reinforcement helped me to go from confident to super confident. My awareness of my surroundings, home, parenthood, work and self, helped me to become an even better mother, a better leader at work, a better friend and above all an awareness of all that I might achieve as an individual.

Our family meetings were so cool and fun. Our love grew, we bicker less, and we all have been finding “our swing”. One thing I really loved doing was taking a personality test and then using that information to better understand my children and myself. It helped us to grow in our love for each other as individuals. We are all so different and becoming aware of this as a family has been invaluable. Coach facilitated our meetings so we could learn, grow, and it helped us keep our focus. Without this tutelage, we never would have been able learn the things we learned on our own. Because of this, I feel as though I have become an amazing mom. Being a good mother has always been my greatest challenge and the most important job I will ever have. The rewards of good parenting are endless.

I had staffing challenges at work, leadership skills I was lacking, and sometimes I just wasn’t confident enough in my abilities, but now with Coaches instructions and guidance, I have realized my potential and every day I use those skills I have learned and put them to practical use. My staff is happier and I am having fun with my job instead of feeling like work is all stress and no joy. I feel like I am accomplishing my dreams.

During our sessions, we drew pictures, shared stories, watched relevant movies, read books, learned important quotes, and wrote restates along the way of our journey. We took tests on personality types, optimism and pessimism, and learning styles. All of these have awakened an inner awareness of who we are and what we can accomplish. Coach made sure we were getting the message he was trying to convey and it helped us reinforce what we learned. Not in one ear and out the other and he made sure our lessons “stuck”. I learned the difference between “Ready, Aim, Fire and Ready, Fire, Aim” We all had the opportunity to gain more time for interesting Insights on Life –Work –Family –Career –Relationships -Decision Makin g-Time Management –Boundaries -Priorities –Relaxation –FUN!

I keep a log of some of Coaches motto’s and quotes. For example:

“Do the task, do it well, and then some”;

“I am responsible for the message I send to you verbally and non-verbally, and I am responsible for the message you receive verbally and non-verbally.”

These are only a small sampling of what I have learned.

Coaches style, his amazing and gifted ability to understand, his hard work ethic and the genuine love and caring he put into all of us has made me and my family grow in our awareness of ourselves and each other. He pushes hard at times-but in a gentle, caring way- so we can live up to our full potential. I have grown so much in these past months and I continue to use the lessons I learned to grow even more every day. My respect for Coach is hard to describe in words.

– Judy Vogel