Coach Stephen G. Sullivan is one persistent individual who truly practices and lives the Psychology of Winning principles. Steve first approached my organization in 1985 to become a licensed facilitator of the Psychology of Winning workshops, and he was promptly turned down. However, Coach Steve persisted, and he did obtain an interim certification from another business partner.

As time marched on, Coach Steve continued his personal pursuit of knowledge and excellence, and by applying the POW principles he soon earned National Recognition for Excellence in Customer Service from a Fortune 100 Logistics company, and soon after that earned the Best Salesman Award Worldwide for the same company. And, true to form, Coach Steve has sustained his persistence and his personal pursuit of knowledge, and, if possible, his determination and drive may be even stronger now than it was back in 1985.

Steve’s sincere passion to help youth, individuals, parents, families, athletes, teams, male/female executives, and organizations is second to none. These and other factors are why I have chosen to License Coach Stephen G. Sullivan CEO/Founder of Motive 8 Inc. to facilitatemy most prized work, “The Psychology of Winning Workshops and Seminars.” Coach Stephen G. Sullivan proactively offered and promised me that if I granted him permission to teach/facilitate the Psychology of Winning Seminars/Workshops that he would keep the “POW” Flame Burning even brighter than ever, and that he would do a very good job! Well, I believe him and I am confident that you will find the combination of Coach Stephen G. Sullivan’s persistence, unique style, dedication, and determination with the Proven and Time Tested Psychology of Winning Principles Version 2.0 to be a Winning Combination!

– Dr.Denis Waitley